Deepwater Sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii) Vintage Lithography Illustration

Deepwater Sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii) Vintage Lithography Illustration

This product is a digital download of a vintage lithography illustration of Deepwater Sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii), a small and scaleless fish that lives in deep and cold lakes across Canada and the United States. 1 You can choose to download it in high-resolution PNG with transparent background or in vector format, which allows you to resize and edit the image without losing quality. You can also download a low-resolution image for free for personal use.


If you are a fan of fish, nature, art, or history, you will love this product. This product is a digital download of a lithography illustration of Deepwater Sculpin (Myoxocephalus thompsonii), a unique and fascinating fish that inhabits the bottom of deep and cool lakes in northern North America. 1

Lithography is an ancient method of printing that uses a stone or a metal plate with a smooth surface. It was invented in 1796 by the German author and actor Alois Senefelder and was initially used mostly for musical scores and maps. 2 Lithography can produce detailed and subtle artwork with a range of tones and textures. 3

This illustration was created by a skilled lithographer using a fatty substance, such as oil, fat, or wax, to draw the image onto the surface of a smooth and flat limestone plate. The stone was then treated with a mixture of weak acid and gum arabic that made the parts of the stone’s surface that were not protected by the grease more hydrophilic. For printing, the stone was first moistened. The water only adhered to the gum-treated parts, making them even more oil-repellent. An oil-based ink was then applied, and would stick only to the original drawing. The ink would finally be transferred to a blank paper sheet, producing a printed page. 4

This illustration is a faithful reproduction of the original lithography print, which was made in the 19th or early 20th century. It shows a Deepwater Sculpin in its natural environment, with realistic colors and details. You can see the distinctive features of this fish, such as its long, tapered body, its flat head and blunt snout, its four preopercular spines, its two widely separated dorsal fins, and its mottled green, gray, and brown skin. 15

Deepwater Sculpin are native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems of western North America, ranging from the Great Bear Lake in Canada to the Great Lakes in the United States. 1 They are also found in Waterton Lake within Waterton Lakes National Park and Glacier National Park. 6They are a glacial relict, meaning they survived the last ice age in isolated refuges and adapted to the cold and dark conditions. 7 They prefer water temperatures that remain less than 5°C (41°F). 1

Deepwater Sculpin feed primarily on small crustaceans, such as Mysis and Diporeia, and aquatic insects that live on the bottom. 15 They spawn year-round, depending on the location, and their eggs hatch after several months. Their larvae are initially pelagic, staying in the water column above the reach of their adults. When they grow to about 2 centimeters (0.79 inches), they undergo metamorphosis and settle to the bottom. 5

Deepwater Sculpin are not commercially valuable, but they are ecologically important. They are a food source for many larger fish, such as Lake Trout, Burbot, and Cisco. 8 They are also an indicator of water quality and biodiversity, as they require well-oxygenated and unpolluted habitats. [9]

When you buy this product, you will receive a link to download the illustration in high-resolution PNG with transparent background or in vector format. You can use the image for any personal or commercial project, such as printing, framing, decorating, designing, or creating merchandise. You can also purchase other products, such as posters, stickers, notebooks, mugs, and t-shirts, which carry the image of the illustration. Additionally, you can download a low-resolution image for free for personal use, such as sharing on social media, blogging, or learning.

This product is a perfect gift for anyone who loves fish, nature, art, or history. It is also a great way to show your appreciation and support for Deepwater Sculpin and their conservation. By buying this product, you are helping to preserve a piece of natural and cultural heritage that is endangered by factors such as eutrophication, habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species. [10]

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this amazing vintage lithography illustration of Deepwater Sculpin. Order now and enjoy the beauty and value of this rare and remarkable artwork.


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